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Vanishing Spirits

“As a whiskey drinker and a curator, Vanishing Spirits brings two favorites together.

As a whole, Button’s images speak to the universe, the deep sea, and the world of microorganisms. Individually, one finds a visceral complexity in each photograph, a complexity not unlike what a Scotch drinker experiences in a golden glass of Macallan. There are images in Vanishing Spirits that carry the sense of a fine Japanese print while others seem to be a study of a radioactive cell or deep-sea creature. Macallan 101 strikes me as a fiery planet-like place where the ocean meets the sun, the glowing redness created in that lovely slow burn as liquid is absorbed by the elements. Ernie Button explores food and drink like other artists explore foreign countries. He finds rare curiosities in unexpected places, like the elaborate structures left behind as Scotch evaporates from a glass. In his focus and attention, the smallest details become clear, capturing the magic of this mysterious and wonderful world.“ – Hamidah Glasgow

Vanishing Spirits: The Macallan Collection features 10 images from Ernie Button’s enigmatic, exquisite photographic series showcasing the dried remnants of scotch whiskey. Button produced many of these images in collaboration with The Macallan as a part of the distillery’s “Masters of Photography” project, and a full set of Button’s photographs now hang in Scotland. This photo-eye Editions portfolio features an Anodized Aluminum box with ceramic enhanced engraving, a custom foil stamped outer folder, and 10 11 x 14” plates hand printed on beautiful Hahnemühle paper.


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Limited Edition: $1500 + shipping and handling