Elaine Ling


2005 Foreign Affairs Grant to FotoArte - Brasilia, Brazil
2005 Photographer of the Year - Photo Lucida
2004 Golden Light Awards, Landscape - Maine Photographic Workshops
2004 Foreign Affairs Grant to Festival of Lights - Buenos Aires, Argentina
2002 TAC Project Grant
2002 OAC Project Grant
2002 CAC Travel Grant
2002 OAC Grant to Senior Visual Artist
2001 Foreign Affairs Grant to Prague
2001 CAC travel Grant to Prague, Czech Republic
2001 Foreign Affairs Group Grant to Cuba
2001 CAC Travel Grant to Belgium
1999 Millennium Arts Fund, Canada Council for the Arts
1997 Canada Arts Council
1996 Canada Arts Council
1995 Bank of Missions
1994 Canada Arts Council
1994 Ontario Arts Council

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