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Cranach Series

photo-eye Edition's is pleased to announce our third publication, Cranach Series by Carla van de Puttelaar.

"While Carla van de Puttelaar's full-length nudes do indeed evoke Cranach's Venus - with their pale bodies posed graciously against an all-consuming black background - they are quite different women and so is their variety of beauty. Five hundred year old Venus is an actress, a captivating temptress commanding the stage, despite her fragile figure. She firmly holds ground. By contrast, van de Puttelaar's young women do not stand, but rather they float. They seem weightless, floating gently upwards, perhaps, or descending slowly, or hovering motionless in mid-air, before a pitch black sky, a few feet above ground, where the slightest breeze could sigh them away. They are wingless angels, caught in a merciless searchlight, but are oblivious to it. Or, alternately perhaps they are just floating by, unexpectedly, carried by the steady current of a deep, dark, ice-cold mountain stream. Who can tell?" - From the introduction by Fred G. Meijer

This exquisite portfolio of full-body nude photographs contains a title page, essay, fifteen 11x17 inch archival pigment ink prints, a list of plates and a signature page. Limited to fifty copies, each is contained in an elegant anodized aluminum box. The pigment ink prints are made on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta paper.

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Limited Edition: $1750 + shipping and handling